Paper Lavender Flowers

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This wonderful kids craft idea brings one of the most beautiful flowers alive! We made our paper lavender flowers on the front of a card, the perfect greeting card idea!

Paper Lavender Flowers Material List

  • Cardboard (white or light blue) this is for the background.
  • If you would like to make a greeting card you can either make one using cardboard – above – or buy some ready-made blank ones – these usually come with envelopes which actually makes them quite a good idea – especially if you are posting this to granny!!
  • A selection of purple paper to make confetti, or buy a bag of ready-made confetti – buy some here on amazon
  • A paper punch if you plan on making your own confetti
  • Green paper to make the stems
  • Glue – we used a regular glue stick – I prefer this to runny glue when lots of little bit of paper are involved!!

Instructions to make the Perfect Lavender Flowers

  • Make sure you have all your materials ready in front of you
  • Cut thin stems for the flowers. I shaped mine at a little bit of an angle.
  • I would complete all the stems first and then move to the flowers – as there may be a little overlap.
  • Once your stem is firmly in place, add glue onto the area where you want your flower. Lavender is a long upside down teardrop shape… if that helps!
  • Then sprinkle the confetti onto the glue – as you would glitter, give it a little push-down and then remove the excess – by tilting the paper and giving it a little tap.

Once all flowers are complete wait for the glue to dry and there you go!!

The perfect paper lavender flowers!

For a final touch… add some lavender scented oil onto the flowers! Your card will now also smell great!!!

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