Paper Plate Masquerade Masks

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These paper plate masquerade masks turned out even better than we expected!

I am lucky to be able to go in and create with the children at my kids’ school! I am so lucky that their teachers are happy to share their classrooms with me!

The theme in the school was “The Arts” so I wanted to make something that the children could use when going through the theme at school. I thought that the idea of masks was a fantastic one as it supports theatre and was something that they could actually use – not just look at!

Materials to make a masquerade mask:

  • Paper Plate. Make sure you get the cheap ones that have not been coated in a glossy film. Those are not that easy to paint on!
  • Paint – these will work a treat!
  • A stick – we used ice-cream sticks like these
  • Decorations for the mask. A masquerade mask typically has feathers on the one side so make sure you get some of those! We used both paper feathers that I cut out and real colored feathers that I bought. Additionally, we added lots of shiny things…
  • I stuck the ice-cream sticks on with a glue gun, but you can use any strong glue.

How to make your own paper plate masquerade masks:

  • Cut a paper plate in half
  • Paint it completely with the color of your choice
  • Once dry, stick your feathers onto the back side of the paper plate – this ensures that the front looks pretty!! Try and keep the feathers to either the right or left side of the mask.
  • We also added a zig-zag piece of card to the top. This gives the mask a contrasting bit of WOW!!
  • Extra decorations can be stuck and painted on.
  • We used earbuds / q-tips to dot patterns on the front of the masks.
  • Once dry and complete, add your stick onto the side opposite to the feathers.

Enjoy making your masks! We certainly did!

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Looking for another mask idea? Here is a wonderful little butterfly mask to make – with a free printable template!

paper plate masquerade masks

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