Play Dough Valentines Ideas

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Valentines Day Play Dough Invitation to Play

We just had to create some Play Dough Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

We love play dough around here and make it by the pot full! Recently – inspired by the season of love – we made Rose Scented Pink Ombre Dough, and thought that we would pair it up with this Play Dough bunch of goodies!!

I really do enjoy setting up these ‘invitations to play’ for my children. I enjoy that I am able to steer the content of play a little – by choosing the items to play with, but further than that, I give no more instructions.

They always run in to see the surprise, and then I watch as they look at everything, touch everything and then get down to some serious playing…

Sometimes they make things, like sculpt artworks that get kept and stored and treasured.

Most times they just play, squish and squash, print, cut, decorate and more!!

play dough valentines ideas

What did I include in the Play Dough Valentine’s Idea?

A variety of textures and forms.

Shiny sequins and tiny little sparkly beads, soft pom poms, wine bottle corks to print with,

Heart cookie cutters and shapes, red blocks and rollers,

Pink and red pipe cleaners, buttons and feathers,

And the Pink Ombre Play Dough we had made earlier…

valentines day sensory play

Since we played with spices and focused on a play dough printing activity the children really do take the time to make patterns into the play dough – carefully pushing in everything they can find…

And somehow we always seem to end up with monsters… we have had halloween pasta and play dough monsters, Christmas Monsters

Play Dough Idea for Kids around Valentines Day - super sensory fun!


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