Pom Pom Rrrrrracing

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Indoor Kids Activity - Pom Pom Racing

This is really a great activity to teach children how to blow through a straw. It may sound like a simple concept, but children need to learn this.

They only need to do it once or twice, and then they have it!

This is also a great way to spend a rainy day inside! We have done this a few times… INDOOR ENERGY BUSTERS  are worth their weight in gold!!… here is a link to a few more ideas…

Pom Pom Racing - Kids Activity

We set up a race track with a start and finish line, placed our pom poms on the start line, each with their own blowing straw, and then we were ready to race!

Ready…Set…GO GO GO…!!!!

Pom Pom Racing

I won’t tell you who won, but I will say that after a few rounds of blowing through the straw, and another few rounds of blowing without the straw I felt slightly light headed!!

A slightly shorter straw (I cut on in half) is a little more easy for a younger child!

You will be surprised at how much air you need to move a light little pom pom!!

Kids Indoor Activity - Racing Pom POms

Great Birthday Party or Group activity!

After a few rounds of racing we decided to up the stakes a little and set box goals at the other end!

Now you had to really focus – no more random blowing – and it is a little harder than it looks to get the pom pom into the box!!

I used two boxes I found in the magic box (our recycling) and stuck them to the floor with masking tape.

Racing Pom Poms with straws

A little more time – and slightly out of breath – we moved onto Pom Pom Hockey – with the same objective…

From start to goal…

Moving a pom pom along the floor with a straw requires a little concentration!!

Pom Pom Kids Activity

Let us know who wins!!

If you are looking for an activity for a toddler using pom poms, then this Pom Pom Play Bin is also a fantastic indoor kids activity!!

ENERGY BUSTERS - indoor activity - pom pom racing is both heaps of fun and educational!


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