Poppers! The perfect Christmas Decoration!

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Poppers! The perfect Christmas Decoration!

This is a fun, fairly simple way to make great Christmas Decorations that can be hung on the tree or around the house!

Make your Own Christmas Poppers - easy craft for kids to do! Poppers look great on the Christmas Tree!


  • Balloons
  • Wallpaper Glue – or a clear glue equivalent
  • String / Wool / Twine
  • A popper – or pin in plain English!
  • Finishing Touches – you can make your own or use store bought balls and mushrooms etc



  • Blow up your balloon.
  • Dip your string into the wallpaper glue so it is submerged.
  • Wrap the string around the balloon in different directions, until it is almost fully covered.


Ballon Ball Christmas Decoration-03



  • Wait for it to dry – overnight should do it.
  • Now for the fun part! Pop the balloon inside and pull it out. You should be left with a string ball.


Ballon Ball Christmas Decoration-02



  • Add a hanging string to the top and decorate!


Ballon Ball Christmas Decoration-04


Both children and adults will love this activity and best of all, these little poppers make the perfect gifts for family and friends!

Make your own - easy to make - Christmas Tree Poppers. This is a great Kids Craft Project!

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