Postman Pat. A Shoe Box and Baby Food Jar Lids

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Posting – Posting – Posting!!!

Such an easy Homemade Toy!!

Babies and Toddlers LOVE to post… are you not glad we have moved on from the OLD VCR with the big slots for the tapes… you just simply can  not post your peanut butter lunch into netflix…. no you can’t!!!


If you are anything like us you have like a zillion Baby Food Jar lids…. (been collecting for 3 years).

Postman Pat - A Shoe Box and Baby Food Jar Lids. Makes the best homemade posting toy



They make the best posting game ever because they require a little attention before they can be posted – they need to be turned correctly to fit, they are easy for little hands to hold, and they make a noise when banged together – so every time one drops into the box it SOUNDS like an achievement too!!





All you need is a shoe box with a “posting” rectangle cut out and some baby food jar lids, of course any lids will do!!! The metal ones make the best sound…

We played this all week. Seriously! The best toys seem to be the ones that are not toys at all!!

(excuse the blurred pictures – they are “action” shots)


Posting Activity for Children Made from a Shoe Box and Baby Jar Lids


Happy Posting!

More “lid” ideas? How about this caterpillar?

You can also use lids to make your own homemade stamps!

If recycled crafts are your thing we have plenty! Spring Time Garden Crafts, Animal Crafts, Flower Crafts!

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