Potato Printed Easter Eggs

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Ok, these potato printed Easter Eggs are about the most fun you are going to have this spring with potatoes!!!

We love Easter crafts – they always seem to turn out beautiful and cute!

We enjoyed this activity so much – setting it up was easy – and the results are spectacular!!

We used the eggs we printed to make our Easter Basket, they would also make fabulous gift wrap, a design project – or a printing activity – something that can be done with many children at the same time – on a play date or in the classroom!! This is a goodie!!

Potato Printed easter Eggs - such an easy printing idea

Materials needed to make Potato Printed Eggs

Small to medium sized potatoes

Cardboard – or thick paper (if you want to make gift wrap then use a roll of thinner paper – like this one…)

Paint – we used regular kids poster paint

Plastic lid or plate – something to squeeze the paint onto

Optional – a handle device. I used olive and fondue forks – corn holders also work well. We have done this with a regular fork too. The reason I like putting on ‘handles’ is that I find children can not grip the potato so well – especially when it gets a little painty… it can get slippery.

potato ready to print

Making Potato Stamps

Using a sharp knife – please take care – you need to design your eggs!

Here is a simple way to make a potato stamp – with cookie cutters…

I cut in strips, zig zags, spots – I used a straw to make these. I cut in flowers – using this method.

Once the potatoes were designed, I gave each one a handle.

Onto a large plastic lid, I squirted a blob of paint – one color for each potato.

potato printing

Now we are ready to paint!

My two made pages – literally pages and pages of these prints!

They loved it so much they wanted to do more the following day!!

Printing Easter Eggs with Potatoes

Potatoes make the best stamps!

Tip: before you use the potatoes to stamp, blot them dry with kitchen roll – they can sometimes be a little watery.

potato stamp easter egg - easy to make craft idea with the kids


printing eggs with potatoes

easter eggs

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Our Easter baskets worked out so well – and these eggs made the perfect filling!

We would love to see your works of Art! You are always welcome to pop them onto our Facebook Wall!

Easter Crafts are so much fun – you can see all our Easter ideas here…

We also have a Pinterest Easter Board – there are hundreds of good ideas here!


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