Preschool Counting Activity with Free Printable Kite Template

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I think that the best way for preschoolers to learn is through play! This counting activity will teach many needed skills whilst having fun!

What is my child learning?

  • Numer recognition
  • Counting to 10
  • Matching – the numbers to the dots on the kites to the number of beads on the tail
  • Fine motor practise – threading the beads onto the tail of the kite requires little movements – tricky for little fingers!

Kite Day by Will Hillenbrand is a fantastic book about a bear and a mole who build and fly a kite. It gets a little lost after a storm, but luckily a family of birds saves the day!

Reading this book is a great way to start an activity that is going to be themed around a kite, here is a video of Will Hillenbrand reading this lovely story to start you off! Get your own copy of his book here…

Materials needed to make your own kite themed preschool counting activity:

  • Download the free printable templates below – click on the pictures to take you to the templates.
  • Print the template onto paper or thin card if you are going to laminate them or a very thick card if not. If you are making them for a classroom then laminating is always a good idea. For home use a thick card is probably fine – it will last as long as the activity is interesting!
  • You could also print the kites onto paper and stick the paper onto the back of a cardboard box – or cereal box. This will give it strength!
  • Pipe Cleaners – here is a great assortment!
  • Beads – like these. You can find what you have lying around or buy an assortment!
  • Laminator and laminating pouches.
  • A punch like this one.

How to make your own preschool counting activity:

  • Print out the template.
  • Cut out the individual kites.
  • If you are going to laminate do so now – make sure you leave enough space between the kites when laminating to give them enough of an edge that seals.
  • If you have printed onto thick card, you are already ready for the next step.
  • Cut out the laminated kites – with an edge – see photo.
  • Add a hole with a punch at the bottom of the kite.
  • Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole front to back and twist to secure.
  • The tail needs to be about the length of your hand…
  • Thread the corresponding beads onto the tail and you are ready to go!
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