Pretend Play: Play Dough and Pasta Monsters

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When you get to the end of the play dough – as in, “It’s almost time to throw it away…” this is a great activity that you can do with the kids: Make Play Dough Monsters with pasta – google eyes and the left over play dough.

I have tried to avoid the whole monsters thing – as long as I could – but it seems we play the “monster” game at school – every day – I think the kids take turns being the monster… I decided then if we are going to have monsters, let them be cute!!

Pasta and Play Dough Monsters - such a great halloween kids activity


And cute they were! Oh my gosh – I love it when the kids get excited about something and make all kinds of cute stuff – even if they have six eyes and sharp spaghetti teeth!!

All the things you need to make pasta and play dough monsters


  1. Play Dough – preferably old dough that you can throw away afterwards. Here is the link to our ‘BEST play dough in the World Recipe!!”
  2. Pasta – various shapes
  3. Googly Eyes – I had a selection of sizes – you can get them here (affiliate)

The best part about creative pretend play is that children express themselves so differently! It is fascinating to watch ‘inside’ a child’s imagination!

My two are 3 and 18 months – and here is some of what they made…

Emma (3) loved eyes…

A 3 years olds pasta and play dough monsters

And these belong to Dylan (18 months)…

He enjoyed pushing the pasta into the play dough – and chasing me afterwards roaring (because monsters roar) …

These are the play dough and pasta monsters and 18 month old makes


When all the eyes and play dough was finished, I undid them – put everything back in the plate…

…and we started again…

and again…



Love this activity? We also make friendly spooks!!

If you do create your own Monsters, we would love to see photos of them on our Facebook Page.

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Pretend Play - and Make - Pasta + Googly Eyes + Play Dough. Makes wonderfully cute - and scary - MONSTERS! Great Halloween Idea.

Play Dough & Pasta Monsters make the best play activity near halloween. So easy to set up and kids love love love this! Kids Activities for Halloween made simple!

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