Pretend Play: Princess Popsicle Stick Puppets

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Do you ever create beautiful art and crafts with your children and then never look at it again? Here is a wonderful activity that gets made – with much excitement – AND gets played with – literally for hours – afterwards!!

These Princess Popsicle Stick Puppets are a fantastic little craft to make AND play with!

Fantastic little kids craft idea. This popsicle or craft stick princess puppet is not only fun to make, but is so much fun to play with afterwards!

We loved designing our puppets dresses and once they were completely finished we had our own puppet show!

Emma is carrying them around like dolls now!!

Jewels for the princess puppet dresses

What do you need? (amazon affiliate links provided)

  1. Big Popsicle or Wood Craft Sticks
  2. Cardboard – for the dresses & Heads
  3. Self Adhesive Gemstones to decorate the dresses with
  4. Glue Gun or Non Runny Glue
  5. Wool or string to make hair
  6. Washable Markers or Crayons to draw on faces

Designing our princess dresses


I cut out dresses from various cardboard pieces I had – in different ‘styles’

Then Emma Decorated the dresses!

Making our dresses

Then we made oval shaped heads and drew on faces and added hair!

On the heads were complete we stuck them onto really big craft sticks – and added the dresses too!

Popsicle Stick Princess Puppets

I thought they turned out really cute!!

Princess Popsicle stick puppet - great little craft idea



Thank you to Crafty Kids at Home for including us into their A-Z Pretend Play Series,

Be sure to pop over and check it out!





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