Printing Flowers with Okra

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Such a wonderful kids craft activity

Looking for the perfect flower printing idea – Printing flowers with Okra is definitely the one!!!!

This is the first time we have printed with Okra, and it really turned out to be a beautiful way to paint!

I think children love printing as it allows them to do something in a completely free fashion – just print away – yet still be able to achieve results that look like something particular!

We have printed flowers with our own home made flower stamps before, and with corks – these cork stamps work wonderfully, never with veggies though – so this is a first!!

Okra is a funny shaped vegetable – often called Ladies Fingers…


When sliced however it reveals the perfect flower print in the centre – just perfect for making gift cards and printing flowers!

This is what Okra looks like – whole and cut in half!

We removed the seeds from the middle to make sure that we printed only the outlines – too many seeds gives it a more solid appearance!


Printing Flowers with Okra Materials: 

Okra – you can get these at any good supermarket or asian food store

White Card or thick paper or watercolor paper. We practiced on card and then moved over to watercolor paper to make our greeting cards. I buy postcard sized watercolor paper – perfect size for little cards and thank you notes!!

Paint – we used liquid watercolors but in theory you could print with anything.

Paper towel and a knife to cut Okra in half.

Ready Steady PRINT!


I stood the Okra in our watercolor paint and we got painting…



Printing beautiful flowers with okra


printing with okra

First we painted onto white card – the kids enjoyed this, printing with no objective other than creativity and fun!

This vegetable is the perfect size for little ones to hold! (my two are 2 and 4)

TIP** before you dip the Okra into the paint, give it a little dab onto some kitchen towel as it seeps this sticky kind of liquid after it has been cut – nothing serious, but enough to make the paint a little slippery, if you wipe it off you get much better prints!!

beautiful flower postcards with okra


Then – after substantial practicing – before the paint was completely finished, we made some greeting cards.

I let Emma design them herself – she went for flowers in a straight line??


I love how these little minds work – of all the ways you could have painted flowers we put them into a straight line!!

They look great – perfect teacher appreciation notes or thank you cards!

printing flower postcards with okra

I have to say that this has been one of our more memorable activities!

I am now on the hunt for other flower like shapes and forms in the vegetable isle, although I am not convinced I’ll find something as pretty! It’s a challenge!

If you happen to stumble on great flower printing materials we would love to see them – you are always welcome to pop onto our Facebook Page and share your good ideas!

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Here is everything you need – from Amazon – to make your own beautiful Okra Printed Flowers! Enjoy!

Beautiful Flower Printing Idea! This is a wonderful kids art and craft project!

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