Puffy Paint Halloween Spook Craft

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If you are looking for a craft that is quick and easy to set up – one that the kids will love doing – AND leaves a fantastic result – then this is it!!

We had so much fun making our ‘halloween spooks.’

Puff Paint Ghost Spooks - Easy to Make Kids Halloween Craft

We have used puffy paint before – and we love it – really love it!! The texture is amazing and the results spectacular!!

We made puffy paint pumpkins using the same puffy paint recipe and watermelon puffy paint art using a slightly different technique – that requires the use of the microwave – but has no glue! You could use the watermelon recipe for your ghost spooks if you like!

Puffy Paint Recipe

Instant Puffy Paint – the best paint to make ghosts!!!


Runny Children’s Clear Glue

Shaving Foam – the white foamy kind – not the gel

Black Card Stock – you could use any color you wish!

Google Eyes – we used big ones


Mix 1 part glue to 2 parts shaving foam.

I used about half a cup of glue and a cup of shaving foam.

Painting puffy paint ghosts


That is all you need to get started!

We LOVE painting with this textured paint!!

It dries puffy too!!

We made ghosts and spooks…


Ghosts Painted from Puffy Paint

We even managed some spook twins – which are too cute for words!!

Twin puffy Paint Ghosts


All in all, a very successful fun Halloween craft – that is way more CUTE than scary!!

Puffy Paint Ghost Spooks - Easy to Make Kids Halloween Craft


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