Puffy Paint Ice Cream Craft

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Puffy Paint Ice Cream Painting. Great Art project for kids

We are so happy to be hosting Paint-A-Thon where 50 bloggers will come together to make and create – and PAINT!! This puffy paint ice cream idea is just one of more than 200 kids painting ideas…

We love puffy paint! Kids love it because the texture is completely different and something they do not usually work with!

It is light and fluffy and used like we did with these ice creams, you almost need to spoon it on – rather than using a paint brush!

We have made puffy paint watermelons before with a different recipe – that does not use glue, it is also wonderful – but does need a microwave to activate it!

This puffy paint is instant and the best part – it stays relatively fluffy – so your ice creams will not melt! Promise!!

Puffy Paint Ice Creams

We painted great watercolor backgrounds!

This made the paintings extra special and bright! We painted the background the day before so it could dry well before we started our ice creams!

The backgrounds used liquid watercolors – nice and bright – and a permanent marker to divide the paper into 4 quarters.

We used corrugated card for the cones – makes GREAT cones, but you could use anything you like – newspaper would also look great! If you would prefer to paint or draw the cone on you could do that too!

Ice Cream Painting with Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Materials:

  • A3 Cardstock (or thick paper)
  • Clear school glue
  • Shaving cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Corrugated card
  • Ice Cream Decorations – we used colored rice, sequins, pom pom cherries and other little bits and pieces. Do not use any real food things – as they tend to get squishy and turn brown… as tempting as it is to use real sprinkles!!

For the background (optional)

Puffy Paint Recipe:

  1. 1 part glue to 2 parts shaving cream
  2. Mix lightly in a bowl – I say lightly because you do not want to mix the air out of the shaving cream – it will go flat! Fold the shaving cream into the glue like you would baking a sponge cake.
  3. Add a few drops of food coloring to tint the ice cream
  4. I made 5 different colors in  5 bowls

Painting ice creams with puffy Paint - recipe included

Ice Cream Instructions:
  • We divided our A3 Paper into 4 quarters with our black permanent marker
  • Then we filled in each block with a different color watercolor paint
  • Once the paint was dry we stuck on our ice cream cone that we had cut out of corrugated cardboard
  • Now the fun part…
  • We spooned 3 scoops of ice cream onto each cone – different flavors of course!!
  • And then we decorated…
  • Finally we added a cherry on top!

The puffy paint takes a day or two to dry well, and you need to be careful with the back side – the puffy paint can seep through the paper and food coloring stains – so make sure you lay it on some newspaper to dry!

Happy Puffy Painting!

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Fabulous Kids Art Activity - Make these puffy paint ice creams and decorate! Homemade Puffy Paint Recipe included!

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