Puffy Paint Ice Cream

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Ice Cream Craft


I scream – You scream – We all scream for ice cream!!


Let’s make some!!!!


We used our No Glue Puffy Paint Recipe – full instructions how to make and how to use – click here…


DIY Puffy Paint


Once the paint was ready I assembled the card – all ready to start!


Puff Paint Ice Cream Cones



To make ice cream cones I cut out triangle shapes from ‘cone color’ paper and stuck it onto the card – leaving plenty of space for ice cream on top!!


puff paint ice cream


Once all the cones were ready we got painting!!


Puffy Paint Ice Cream Art


We really did have a lot of fun!


DIY Puff Paint Ice Cream


This recipe requires a few seconds in the microwave, but it is so worth it as it really does puff up – and it stays puffy!!


puffy paint ice creams


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