Racing Car Busy Bag

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Racing Car Busy Bag - for table or floor quiet time!

I remember my brother playing with his cars, that is why this racing car busy bag was the first thing to come to mind when asked to create a “take along” activity idea for the A to Z of Busy Bag Series!

I have vivid memories of him holding his cars – one in each hand, and wherever we went he took his cars along.

He drove cars over everything, tables, chairs, dinner plates, along the restaurant floor to the window – along the windowsill, down the wall, over the bag, up the bookcase onto the counter…

That is the best way to play with cars – the complete freedom to drive wherever you like! Sometimes however our children are restricted to the table – especially at a busy restaurant where it is better to keep them in their own chairs!

This busy bag is also a fabulous idea for airplane trips – all the materials will make it through airport security!

This busy bag idea is my solution to creating a ‘driving space’ that is self made – by the child – includes creativity and stimulates the imagination – while still being seated at your table – or chair in the plane.

This idea requires a table or floor – as the child needs to be able to draw on a flat surface, so perfect for a restaurant, dinner party, airplane, waiting at the hairdressers…

Racing Car Busy Bag Items

Materials required to make a RACING CAR BUSY BAG

Someting to keep everything together while on the go! Soft Bags work best, or a plastic container.  Bigger sized zip lock bags also work a treat!

Paper Roll or Paper at least A3 size

Selection of crayons / markers, preferably something washable…

Small Racing Cars!!!!

Tape to stick down the paper – I used sticky tape, I prefer the paper to stay on the table – and it makes it easier to draw on!

Optional – decorations for the race track or street – plastic stop signs, trees, orange traffic cones etc… or wooden houses – sometimes found in train sets!

Contents of Racing Car Busy Bag

Right! And now you are ready to go!!

Chuck the activity bag into your own and take it out when you need it!!

I stuck the paper onto the table and helped a little with the drawing – my little guy is just 2, however a slightly older child will want to do everything themselves – and so they should!!

He positioned all the ‘things’ onto the paper and played for 30 minutes!!

Racing Car Busy Bag

This kind of busy bag idea is a life saver at a table – when you really need your kids to be a little quiet!!

I know I will take these things onto the airplane next time we travel – in fact I will make a few busy bags and take them out every hour on the hour (its a 12 hour flight to Granny!!)

Racing Car Busy Bag - the perfect take along activity bag idea

Screen Free entertainment to go!!

The preparation time upfront will honestly save you time – and  keep your sanity in check – at a later stage!!

Driving our cars at Hotel New York

Click on the picture below for more wonderful ideas at the A to Z Busy Bag Series hosted by the fabulous Teach Me Mommy!! I am going to be using a bunch of these!!


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Racing Car Busy Bag - packs into a small bag and is perfectly travel friendly! The perfect activity for restaurant and air plane seats!


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