Recycled Ballet Easter Baskets

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These recycled ballet Easter baskets are a ballerinas dream Easter idea! They are perfect to give as a gift and make the perfect Easter egg collection basket.

Hello Easter Bunny!

How do you do?

Here is an Easter Basket especially for you!

Ballet Easter Basket - Recycled Ballet Easter Baskets

Ballet Easter Basket Materials

  • A large empty plastic bottle
  • Glue & staples
  • Ribbon & tulle or netting. We used pink tulle and fabric and paper ribbon.
  • Other decorations you want to add.

How to make your own Easter Ballet Basket

  • Cut your plastic bottle through about a third of the way up.
  • This will be the bottom of your basket.
  • From the remains of the leftover piece, cut off a strip. This will be your handle.
  • Staple the handle onto the inside of the bottle on both sides.
Plastic Easter Basket
  • Now you can decorate your basket.
  • I started by winding the ribbon around the handle first and securing it with some glue at either end.
  • I then glued some netting around the brim of the basket and added some ribbon and ribbon flowers.
  • Using fresh flowers would make your basket extra special!
Recycled Ballet Easter Baskets

The best part is collecting all the Easter eggs!

These recycled ballet Easter baskets are such an easy idea for any little ballerina!

Happy Easter!

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