Recycled Cardboard Star Wand

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Children love to celebrate and this recycled cardboard star wand can be used for any occasion! Birthdays, New Year, Imaginative play are all wonderful moments to bring out the wands and party!!

Children of all ages can make these beautiful celebration wands. Younger children may need some help sticking the wands together, they will have no problem painting and decorating though!!

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Recycled Cardboard Star Wand

Recycled cardboard star wand supplies;

  • Cardboard. We used an old box. The cardboard needs to be cut into thin strips. Our strips were about 12cm / 5inch long and 1.5cm / 0.5 inch wide.
  • A Stanley knife to cut the cardboard. It is so much easier than scissors. However, our cardboard was thick, if you use thinner cardboard a pair of scissors is perfect. A Stanley knife is a job for adults and much older kids!
  • Glue. We used our glue gun, but any strong glue will work. If you use fast-drying glue – something like super glue then you can start decorating immediately. Again, careful with super glue or fast drying glue – it can stick on skin and burn. A job for adults or older children!
  • A stick. We used dowel rods. A branch from a tree would work too!!
  • Decorations. We painted our star wands and then used buttons and pom poms to decorate. We also used a bottle top at the center. Decorations are the fun part and the choice is completely up to you!

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How to make a wonderful celebration wand:

  • First, glue the cardboard strips together. We used 4 strips for each star.
  • Then work on the decorating. We painted ours, waited for the paint to dry, and then stuck on the buttons and pom-poms.
  • Once everything was complete we stuck the dowel rod onto the back of the star.
Recycled Cardboard Star Wand
Recycled Cardboard Star Wand craft idea for kids

Beautiful and easy!

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