Recycled Egg Carton Cacti Craft

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Creating these egg carton cacti was so much fun! It was like building blocks into oddly shaped towers! Lots of fun and they really did turn out wonderfully! I was surprised at how much these little building blocks actually looked like the real thing!

Recycled crafts are one of my favourite things to do! Here are some others to get you started!

I like cacti as there is no right or wrong. Driving through Arizona a few years back I saw so many wonderful cacti – some were as tall as a house, I knew they grew tall, but I did not realize they grew THAT tall!!

We made these cacti from cardboard tubes – another wonderful recycled cacti idea!

Recycled Egg Carton Cacti Craft

Supplies to make your own egg carton cacti;

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  • Egg cartons
  • Glue – we used a glue gun. Any glue will do.
  • Paint – we used acrylic paints like these… We used green, white, yellow and brown.
  • We used a piece of cardboard for the base. This helps them to stand upright.
  • Scissors – to cut out the egg cartons.

How to make your own egg carton cacti

First make up all your building blocks.

Cut op your egg carton and glue them together. We used both the bigger round bit where the eggs sit and the pointy middle bit of the carton.

Once your building blocks are glued and dry, it is time to build your cacti.

We used a strong piece of cardboard for the base, a bit of recycled cardboard from a packing box.

We then started to build egg carton block towers… once piece on top of each other…

When they were finished we painted them. First the base, and then the cacti. I added a little white and yellow to the green paint when painting them. This gave a nice effect.

Once the paint was dry we added some final touches like dots and texture with white and yellow paint.

Really unbelievable how realistic these cacti look!

Here are some other egg carton craft ideas we think you may


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