Recycled Egg Carton Rocket Craft

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This recycled egg carton rocket craft will fascinate kids of all ages! The best part about it is that you can play with your craft once it’s finished!

Fly me to the moon… When I say those words I sing it… you try to say ‘fly me to the moon’ without singing it in your head!!! Wonderful song!! Wonderful craft idea too…

How cute are they?! I am super happy. I saw these little rockets on an Instagram page that I follow called minnientdecker and thought I have got to make me some!! I am always pleased with the creations you can make from simple things like egg boxes!

I have created a short instruction video at the end of this page – it’s super easy!

Recycled Egg Carton Rocket

Recycled Egg Carton Rocket Materials

  • Egg boxes. You use the pointy inside separators for this one! We used 4 for our small rocket and 8 for the big one!
  • Paint – We use paints like these – Amazon Shopping link…
  • A sharp pair of scissors to cut through the egg boxes
  • Glue or a Hot Glue Gun
  • Paper or cardboard for the flames of the rocket! Without flames, there is no lift-off!!

You can make your rocket first and then glue in the flames or you can glue the flames into the bottom rocket piece and build up from there as we did – see video!

I wanted pastel colors and pastel-colored flames… because I can… Of course, making a more realistic rocket would require flames of orange and red and purple!!

Cut your egg carton pieces from the center of the box and give them a paint. Egg cartons are pretty porous so you need to use thicker paint – watercolours, for example, are not going to work.

Make your flames by cutting strips of paper, gluing them together, and then securing them to the inside of the bottom rocket piece. The video instruction will show you how.

We added little windows to the big rocket.

You can decorate and adorn your rockets with whatever bits and pieces you think it is going to need in space!

We also gave the top a black tip. Silver foil around the tip also looks great!!

Do you enjoy recycled crafts as much as we do?

Here are some other wonderful ideas made using bits and pieces from around the house…

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Recycled Egg Carton Rocket
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