Recycled Jar Lid Ornaments

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Wonderful last minute, cheap and easy Kids idea, these recycled jar lid ornaments are a winner!

There are so many wonderful Christmas ornaments that you can make! We really do love making ornaments with salt dough, however that does take a few days to dry! These easy ornaments will dry overnight and can be made with any bits and bobs you find around the house!

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Recycled Jar Lid Ornaments

Supplies to make your own recycled jar lid ornaments

  • Jar lids! We save these in our magic box and take them out for exactly these occasions!
  • Runny glue – we used something like this…
  • Decorations. Have a look for anything that would make good additions to this ornament. We used little beads, little bells, buttons, sequins, little pom poms…
  • Ribbon or string to make a hanger.

How to make these wonderful ornaments:

TIP: I set up all our materials before we started and then I called the Kids! I find this works best, so they don’t sit and look at me whilst I get things ready!!

First add your glue to the entire lid! Squirt some out and move it around until the whole lid is covered.

We used the inside of the lid as I wanted to create these little mini worlds inside the lids, however you can also use the outside of the lid if you prefer!

Then get decorating!

Use whatever materials you have found around the house and stick them onto the glue.

Once you have finished decorating leave the ornaments to the one side to dry.

We made ours in the afternoon, so they needed a night for the glue to completely dry as it was pretty thick!

Once the glue is dry ad your ribbon the the back of your lid, I used a glue gun to stick on my ribbons.

And there you go! It is as easy as that!

Easy jar lid recycled craft idea for Christmas

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Happy Christmas!

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