Recycled Monster Craft

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This recycled monster craft is a winner and a favourite of boys and girls!

It works so well and the possibilities are endless!

I enjoy it when children are allowed the opportunity to explore their own imaginations! So often art and crafts have a particular desired end result. This is one of those anything goes kind of activities!

Making use of the recycling bin is also a fabulous idea! We dug around for things we thought would make good monster additions! The CD’s surprised me, they look wonderful!

Recycled Monster Craft Materials;

  • Stuff. Have a good look through the recycling or around your home. We used things like box lids, cardboard, paper cups, toilet rolls, egg cartons, popsicle sticks, and an old chocolate milk container!
  • Glue. We have a hot glue gun which makes it easy and quick! You will need some sort of quick-drying strong glue.
  • Primer. This is an optional step. I used a spray primer over the entire monster once it was completely stuck together. This allowed us to paint easily onto the plastic and CDs. You don’t have to do this, you can just paint it! A white primer will make your colors jump out immediately! You may need to paint two coats if you just paint. Completely depends on the materials you use!
  • Paint. I use poster paints with this. Tempera paints or Acrylic paint will work! Here are some top paint picks from Amazon:

I often get asked: How old does my child need to be before they can use a hot glue gun?

Each child is different. My children were 5 before they came near the hot glue, however a careful 4 year old could probable master the skill. It is up to you to decide for your own children. Hot glue can burn.

Easy Steps to create a MONSTER!

  • Gather all your materials
  • Use a box lid or piece of thick cardboard as a base. This base needs to be strong as it needs to keep the monster standing.
  • Build your monster by sticking together all your bits and pieces!
  • Once the glue is dry you can prime it with a spray primer – optional step!
  • Get painting! This is where your monster comes alive!

That’s it! The perfect recycled monster craft for halloween or just for fun!

Other recycled crafts to inspire:

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