ReCycled Spring Crafts for Kids

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Welcome to our Recycled Spring Crafts for Kids series where we have put together more than 60+ springtime crafts – all made with recycled materials!

Springtime seems to bring lots of ‘cuteness’ to the day – baby animals, bright colors, sweet blossom scents floating in the air… the PERFECT time to create some fantastic ReCycled Spring Crafts!!

Recycled Spring Crafts for Kids

We LOVE ReCycled Crafts here at Emma Owl!!

We empty our Magic Box often and create wonderful things – from materials that would ordinarily end up in the recycling!!

We have 3 great Spring Time appropriate themes for you, be sure to visit each one!

They all have many ideas to get those springtime inspiration juices flowing!!

ReCycled Spring flower crafts for kids

Recycled Spring Time Flower Crafts

What better way to start the springtime season with flower crafts!!

Flowers and spring certainly do fit together well!

Click here for our recycled spring flower top picks…

ReCycled Crafts for Spring Time Gardens

Recycled Garden Crafts

From tree decorations to bird feeders to night time candles…

Spring is the perfect time to get decorating outside!

Click here for Spring Time Garden Crafts…

Recycled Animal Crafts for Spring Time

Recycled Spring Time Animal Crafts

Springtime sees the birth of many baby animals!!

It is also the time when the air warms up and we start to hear more buzzing in the air!

Bees – Bugs – Butterflies – Bunnies and more!!

Click here for all our recycled springtime animal crafts!…

60+ Spring Time Crafts for Kids using Recycled material!

I hope you have a look around and find all the inspiration you need to add some color to your own spring!

Happy ‘Springing’ Everyone!!

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