Reindeer Footprint Christmas Cards. All you need is a shiny nose!

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Christmas Kids Craft Project

These DIY Reindeer Footprint Christmas cards are very very cute!

They look great and because little feet have participated, they are also very special.

We love sending Christmas cards that we have made ourselves! I think it adds something extra – especially if you are sending the card to family and friends!!

Our footprint reindeer is so easy to make. Children LOVE painting their own feet – well at least my two do… anything to paint hands and feet and get all messy!!!

Full instruction below!

If you are looking for other footprint craft ideas – here are our suggestions:

What do you need to make this cute reindeer footprint?

How to make your reindeer:

  • Print your footprint onto the card. We printed many feet, because it’s fun and because footprints don’t always work the first time…
  • We printed onto a larger piece of paper and then cut out the best one!
  • You can of course also print straight onto a ready made card.
  • When your footprint is dry, it is time to give your reindeer a face. We stuck on a pom pom nose, drew on two antlers and gave him googly eyes!
  • The last step was to stick the footprint reindeer onto a red card.

A very special Christmas card idea!

If it’s footprints you like…

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