Roarrrrrrrr Dinosaur Pretend Play

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Dinosaur pretend play. Easy to set up and will fuel imaginations for hours!

What can I say? We had fun!!

We both had fun – Emma Played and I took photos!


To Create your own Jurassic World you need some dinosaurs and a big imagination!!

We used our sand pit lid and lots of things we found in the garden! Emma spent time looking for all kinds of things that the dinosaurs may like to eat…


Jurassic Pretend Play. Playing with dinosaurs was so much fun


Every Dinosaur was given their own special place… which somehow seemed to include a pile of sand and a fern…


Pretend Play for Children. This Dinosaur Land used all their imagination


The dinosaurs were fed, and this Stegosaurus was ‘homed’ in amongst some rocks…


Jurassic Park Pretend Play



Emma played and played!


Playing with Dinosaurs



I love this kind of imaginary play… it allows children to express themselves freely and creatively. Emma talks to herself for hours, it is quite a story to listen to!


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