Safari Animal Shadow Drawing

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After the great success of our shadow drawing we decided to give the animals some context and create a beautiful African sunset background!

This is one of those things that turn out even better than you think it’s going to!

The African sunset is a beautiful reminder of nature in all its glory!

I have included a helpful instruction video at the end of the page that shows this art project step by step.

Let’s get started!

Safari Animal Shadow Drawing Materials

  • We used an A3 size paper for the background. We used the back of a stash of paper – find anything sturdy. A cardboard box will do!
  • Selection of colored paper. Your African sunset definitely needs red and orange and yellow to form a good gradient. The green and brown are optional. The animals just need something to stand on!
  • Black markers like these
  • Glue – Glue sticks like these are our go-to for papercrafts. Runny glue can make the paper curl!
  • Safari animals. We used plastic animals and chose a giraffe for the contract in height!
  • Sticks for a tree – optional but totally cool!

How to create your safari animal shadow drawing

  • See video below for detailed help
  • First, you create your background sunset by cutting and sticking paper in a gradient. A dark piece at the bottom – we used brown and green to form the ground, and the sunset made of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Once the background was made we searched for a sunny patch.
  • Stand the animals in such a way that their shadows are the most realistic. That is usually flat onto the sun – however some animals may have a turned head – like our elephant here below!
  • We have a tall giraffe and a dancing elephant! Brilliant!
  • Dylan held the sticks for the photo and then I held the sticks whilst he drew the shadows. You could plant the sticks in a cup of something else to hold them together!
  • First trace your animals and tree with pencil and then color them in with a black marker.
  • Easy art and WOW, what a result!

Looking for more easy paper craft ideas?

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