Salad Spinner Easter Egg Painting

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This is so much fun!

Easter eggs spinning around in the good old salad spinner! It creates the most wonderful artwork!

We collected all our eggs together and stuck them onto an Easter tree. You can use them for an Easter Garland, the front of an Easter greeting card and so much more!

A wonderful idea to incorporate into a science lesson. Salad spinner art is a fantastic way of explaining and visualizing centrifugal force!

I’ve included a few more Easter ideas at the end of this page too!

What do you need to make these wonderful spin art Easter eggs?

  • A salad spinner
  • Runny paint – normal kids poster painted should be ok. You can always add a drop of water to make a slightly more runny consistency.
  • Cardstock cut into eggs. The eggs need to be able to fit onto the bottom of your salad spinner.
  • I have included a free egg template here for you to download. It has two sized eggs.
  • Included: A shopping list below:

How to make the perfect salad spinner Easter egg:

  • Cut out your egg using the templates provided (or your own)
  • Place egg onto the bottom of the salad spinner
  • Add paint to the center of the egg
  • Spin away

Beautiful results! My kids can do this for hours!!

This is what the inside of our salad spinner looked like when we were finished – a work of art in itself!

I love the way each egg turns out so differently!

While our eggs were drying we painted a tree to use as the background.

We chose a blue background and used brown and white paint for the branches.

When our tree and eggs were dry we stuck them onto the tree!

A beautiful Easter craft that is so much fun!

More Easter ideas?

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