Salt Painting

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This is a fantastic painting technique!

The results look amazing and the process is something new!

I really enjoy art that allows children to just do… freely and with amazing results!

Salt Painting - A great way to paint


It is a three part process. First you create the design with glue, then you cover with salt and then you dropper or add food coloring to the salt for it to absorb the intense color!


We squirted on our glue with a syringe. Our glue was made from a flour and water paste. Just add water to a small heap of flour until it turns into a pasty texture – thin enough to squeeze out through a syringe!



Painting with salt


After the glue was on the paper we covered it with salt and tipped out the excess back onto the plate. We repeated this process several times to make sure the designs were completely covered with salt!

I made colored water by adding a few drops of food coloring to each water filled jar.


Childrens Art Painting - Salt-Painting



And then we dropped the colored water onto the salted designs. The salt immediately absorbs the color!

Salt-Painting - Absolutely Beautiful



It blends where two colors meet, and it comes up bright and cheerful! A great process!


Painting with salt is a fantastic painting technique for an art and craft activity with kids of all ages.

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