Scented Bath Paint: Kids Bath Time Fun!

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This scented bath paint is so easy to make and really smells good!

I have made it with Kool Aid – but if you don’t have Kool Aid in your country then try and find a concentrated good smelling juice or juice granule equivalent…

Amazing scented bath paint for children to play with in the bath - and smells great! Easy to make - no tear solution!

Makes 200ml Paint

If you don’t want to make 200ml = then halve the recipe!


200ml Baby Wash – Tear Free if using with younger Children

3 heaped teaspoons corn flour (mazina)

1/2 small packet Kool Aid (about2g) – we used Tropical…..mmm

How to Make Scented Bath Paint!

Scented Bath Paint Method:

Add 150ml baby wash to a storage jar (or plastic cup)

Add the other 50ml baby wash to a cup. Into this add the 3 tsp corn flour – mix well.

Once mixed in, add your Kool Aid granules to the 50ml + Corn Flour = mix well, it will form a paste.

Then add this to the rest of the baby wash.

Doing it this way ensures no lumps!

Scented Kids Bath Paint - full recipe here

This recipe is awesome to paint with – for 2 VERY good reasons…

  1. It smells GREAT!!!!
  2. It has a sticky slimy texture – which is very different to our other Bath Paint recipes!


Kids Fun - Scented Bath Paint

ONE NOTE: I would use this paint to paint the bath with – not the kids as Kool Aid Stains!

Wait for a rainy day when you would like to have some indoor fun – jump in the bath/shower and paint away.

I would however then clean the bath – and THEN actually bath the kids. The Kool Aid is great – but it really colors the water and I would exercise a little caution when bathing with it!

As with any bath paint – take care with porous surfaces – like grouting between the tiles!


Bath Paint & Bath Paint for Sensitive Skins


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