Scrunched Tissue Paper Heart Art

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This scrunched tissue paper heart gives the most wonderful 3D effect! It ends up looking like a designer cushion and is so easy to make!

Scrunched Tissue Paper Heart Art

We give hearts all year round, these would make great Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts or greeting cards!

This beautiful heart is so easy to make!

I like this art idea for kids or adults as the result is spectacular.

Younger children will really benefit from scrunching up those little bits of tissue paper! Good exercise to strengthen their little hand muscles!

Scrunched tissue paper heart supplies:

Paper or cardboard. If you are going to use this as a greeting card you could make this as we did, straight onto a thick piece of paper or cardstock. If you want to make the heart as a decoration you could use a piece of cardboard or a packing box – something a little more sturdy.

Tissue paper. We used red. Your heart can be any color of course!

Glue. Any kids glue or glue stick would do!

A pencil to draw your heart guide.

How to make your heart:

Onto your paper or card draw a heart with a pencil or pen. This heart will be your guide.

Tear your tissue paper into small bits and start to scrunch them up!

Stick the little scrunched balls of tissue paper onto your heart. Be sure to cover your heart right to the sides!

When your heart is completely covered make sure that the little pieces are all still tightly scrunched up!

And you are done!

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Scrunched Tissue Paper Heart Art. Easy Craft idea for kids
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