Send hugs and kisses this Valentines!

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This is such a fantastic Valentine’s Day Card Idea to send to those family and friends that are far away!

It involves lots of kissing – so be prepared for lip smacking sounds!!

So easy… and so cute!!

Send Hugs and Kisses this Valentines Day


Card stock – for heart and hands



Ribbon and tape to connect them all!


How to make Hugs and Kisses…

Cut a heart shape out of card – I cut one big enough to fit into A4 size.

Then we kissed it!!

Lipstick on – Kiss Kiss Kiss. Lipstick on – Kiss Kiss Kiss!!

Once that was done we painted both our hands and printed them onto the card.

I used two different colors for the heart and card.

Making Hugs and Kisses



Shadow cut out your hands.

Join your hands to your heart with ribbon.

I used clear tape to stick them to each other.

making valentines hugs and kisses

Now you can include a message on the front or back – we did both!

Pop them in the post and off your hugs and kisses go!!

Valentines hugs and kisses

This is such a clever idea and so easy to do with the kiddies!

I know lots of people around the world who are going to be very pleased with their hugs and kisses!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

We have plenty more Valentine’s Day Ideas on our Valentine’s Day PINTEREST Board!

Send hugs and kisses this Valentines Day - such a great craft project for children with grandparents and loved ones far away!


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