Solar Panel Butterfly Light Jar. Beautiful Glass Jar Project!

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This beautiful lantern is made from a solar jar and 3d butterfly stickers - very pretty!



This is just such a lovely craft idea.

It makes use of solar Jars – or – Solar Jar Lids that you can buy to fit almost any Mason/Jam/Common Jar size. So get out all those empty jars and start creating!!

The little solar panel on the lid sucks up the daylight and makes use of little LED lights under the lid at night to light up the most beautiful looking little glass lantern.

This idea would make the most ideal table centre pieces or driveway/pathway lights for a party.

It also makes a great gift for little girls and boys.

This is our butterfly jar that is going to be hung up on a bracket next to “our” bed so we can look at the butterflies before we go to sleep.


Solar Panel Butterfly Light Jar. Beautiful Recycled Glass Jar Project!


We found beautiful 3D stickers to stick inside the jar. When the lights turn on they sparkle and look as if they are flying.


Solar Panel Butterfly Light Jar. Beautiful Recycled Glass Jar Project!


We used a big Jam Jar that already had a wire Handle attatched to it. If your jar does not have a handle, you could add one from wire or string…


Solar Panel Butterfly Light Jar. Beautiful Recycled Glass Jar Project!


We are crazy about butterflies – hence the butterfly jar. You could let your imagination go wild with these things…



Butterfly Solar Jam Jar. A beautiful craft project for a little girl...


I can not wait to make more – filled with dinosaurs and bugs and hearts and sand with shells…. and and and…

The advantage of this jar is that unlike candles, the lights do not burn and they come from the top – meaning you can fill it at the bottom!

They make such nice lanterns!

Solar Pannel Butterfly Light




Hope you feel really inspired!!


Here are some handy (affiliate) links for you to get your solar panel jar lid (or jar if you don’t already have one.)

Amazon USA: 

1. Solar Lid to fit any standard Mason Jar size

2. LED Solar-powered Lid Lights for Treasured Ball and Mason Jars

3. Moonrays Solar Powered Decorative Jar Light LED Light, White


Amazon UK

1. Solar Jar with LED lights – and handle 

2. Solalux Set of 3 Sun Glass Jar Solar Lights with handles




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