Sparkly Puffy Paint Snowman

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Glitter is the new black!…. and we love glitter!!! Christmas time means there is NO excuse to get out the craft ideas, and glitter box and go wild!!

And yes… we have a glitter box!

This Sparkly Puffy Paint Snowman is inspired by one of our favorite Christmas Books, The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. This is a wonderful story about a boy who builds a snowman that comes alive in his dreams on a cold wintry night! The experience he has with the snowman is one he will never forget – and might I just add that he meets a certain someone dressed in red with a big beard!!


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Onto our snowman then…

Puffy Paint is a wonderful medium for kids to paint with! It is always fun, the texture is interesting and makes a change from normal painting, and because this particular puffy paint recipe is made with glue, you can stick things directly onto the paint!

We used this recipe to make puffy paint ice creamspuffy paint pumpkins and puffy paint spooks!


1 part children’s clear glue to 1 part shaving foam

First put the glue into a bowl and then the shaving foam.

Mix it together carefully – try to fold the foam into the glue rather than mix it as you want the foam to stay puffy!

I usually mix it up in a quantity of 1/2 cup glue to 1 cup foam

If you want to add color, add a few little drops of food coloring to the glue before you add the foam. For this project however there is no need for color – unless you want a pink snowman – which according to my two is completely possible!!

I tried to add glitter to the glue before I mixed in the foam – for a sparkly effect. It helped, but most of the glitter was lost in the foam, so if you want a sparkly snowman like ours you need to sprinkle silver glitter over the top when finished!


What do you need to make your snowman?

  • Puffy Paint
  • Silver Glitter
  • Cardboard Hat, Scarf and Nose
  • Eyes – we used Googly eyes
  • Buttons or felt buttons
  • Black Card Stock to Paint on. We made our snowmen pretty big and used A3 sized Card

How did we make our Snowman?

Onto the black card I drew little outlines – an older child does not need this help. I wanted to make sure we filled the whole space and made big snowmen!

The kids painted the puffy paint onto their snowman – they love working with this textured paint!



Then we sprinkled a little sparkle – and our snowmen really started to come alive!

We added hats and scarfs, eyes, buttons and a nose!

As the puffy paint has glue in the recipe everything just sticks onto the top!

I cut out the accessories before – your child can attempt to make these themselves. Do this before hand as you don’t want the paint to start drying.

Once the snowmen were dry I shadow cut around them.


A wonderful craft idea inspired by a very special book!

Easy to set up and create and the kids will love it! Promise!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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