Spice Salt Dough Easter Eggs

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These salt dough Easter eggs decorated with spices turned out wonderfully! They smell great and they look beautiful!

For Christmas, we made and decorated these spice Christmas ornaments. We kept some for our own tree and gave some as gifts! They were an absolute hit! Perhaps it’s the natural look or the great smell they hold… they just work so well so we decided to do it again for Easter.

Making salt dough is one of our favorite activities. So easy to do and can be used to make and mold literally anything!

Spice Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Spice salt dough Easter eggs materials:

  • Salt dough – here is a great recipe to make + a whole lot of tips to keep your dough forever!
  • Spices. We used spices that make and form great shapes like cloves, jenever berries, cardamom pods, and cinnamon sticks.
  • String to hang the Easter eggs up
  • A cookie-cutter in the shape of an egg. If you don’t have one, just download an egg shape from the internet and use it as a template.
Spice Salt Dough Easter Eggs

How to make your Easter eggs:

The first thing you need to do is make your dough and cut out your eggs.

I cut out the dough straight onto a board covered with wax paper. This was so I don’t have to move the eggs far.

Spice Salt Dough Easter Eggs - setting up for

Once the eggs are cut out you can set out your spices and get printing!

I like to set things up before I call the Kids to come and help. This way they don’t get frustrated waiting for me to get ready!

I made a hole into the top of each egg with a drinking straw. This is the best way to make holes in clay! Trust me!

We use the spices to print with and to stick into the dough for decoration.

The Kids enjoyed making these eggs as much as the enjoyed making the Christmas ornaments in December.

It took about two days to dry fully.

When the eggs were dry I added some string and hung them onto our Easter tree.

making Spice Salt Dough Easter Eggs

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