Spider Web Halloween Plates

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Looking for a creative way to serve food on Halloween – that is EASY & Cheap?

This is it: a great easy way to decorate your plates for halloween!

Spider Web Plates


Step one;

Add black food coloring to water in a pot and bring water to the boil.

Step Two;

Add spaghetti and cook as you normally do.


Halloween Spider Web Plates



Once the spaghetti is cooked it will have softened and turned black.

Step 3;

Careful not to burn your fingers, remove the spaghetti from the pot and create a spiders web onto a white (or light) plain plate!

halloween spider web plates - so easy to make






You have a great base for any halloween meal to be added on top!

Poor peas and carrots all caught up in the web…shame… better eat them safe!!

Happy Halloween!

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This is such an easy idea to start any halloween meal for kids - it forms the base for anything!

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