Spider Web Paper Plates with Hand Print Spiders!

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Spider Web Paper Plate with Handprint Spiders is a fantastic Halloween activity that is so easy and quick to set up!

This is great fun and entertaining and it includes a threading element – good for fine motor development!

spiderweb with handprint spiders




  • Paper Plates – try avoid the gloss coated ones as the paint peels off.
  • Paper Punch
  • Wool or string
  • Paint
  • Eyes – we used googly eyes, you can use anything eye-like, or paint them on.

Spider Web Paper Plates with Hand Print Spiders


  • Punch several holes into the rim of paper plate (about 10)
  • Print handprint spider onto the plate by using both hands, thumbs in the center.
  • Add eyes and any other decorations onto your spider.
  • Wait for the spider to dry.


  • Now time to make the spider web. Cut about 1m wool or string. Start in one hole and thread into the other holes creating a web design.
  • You can use a rounded needle to help the process of threading. If you don’t have a needle tie a knot into the top of the string or wool and push the little knot through the holes (wool especially will start to fray and it becomes difficult to thread.)
  • When finished tie the two loose ends together at the back of the plate.



Halloween Craft for Kids! This great art project and includes a threading & hand printing activity!

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