Spin Art Fireworks!

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Spin art fireworks are good for any celebration! New Year, Bonfire Night, 4th July…

This is exciting, we made a ton! Enough to light up the sky, that’s for sure!

It is one of those projects that you start and then the kids just love it so much it keeps on going… production line style!!

We have turned these firework pieces of art into Easter eggs and have created Christmas tree decorations too!

What do you need?

  • A salad spinner
  • Runny Paint
  • Paper or card to fit into the spinner (we used round circles as they were the perfect fit)


  • Place the paper into the salad spinner – as you would your lettuce.
  • Make sure it is nice and flat.
  • You may need to stick it down a little to prevent flying off – use some blue tack or a tiny blob of glue…
  • Squeeze a blob of paint – one or more colors – into the center.
  • Close the lid and spin spin spin!!

You are going to want to do this more than once, so make sure you have a stack of paper ready!!

Kids love creating these fireworks!

String them together, turn them into a card…

We would love to see your own creations!

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