Spring time flowers using toilet rolls

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We love toilet rolls! Why, because they are incredibly versatile, they can be monsters or binoculars, they are free, they are in abundance, they are a standard shape and size, and best of all, we feel good about crafts that are made from household garbage!!

Our flowers turned out real pretty!

Toilet Roll Flowers - Recycled Spring Time Craft Idea



Definitely something we will make more of – in bunches!

A school or art class of children would be able to make vases of these, enough to bring spring into any classroom!!

Emma is 2 and a half, so I made the flowers and she painted them! An older child can do all of this themselves.


1. Toilet rolls – each flower uses 4 rolls

2. A stapler

3. A stick to make the stem, we used a large wooden skewer.

4. Decorating material. We used paint and glitter – but you can decorate your flowers as you wish!


First step is to make the flower. Bend the toilet roll in half. (It has to be exactly in half so they all fit snug together when you join them up.)

The perfect flower toilet roll craft!



Then staple the toilet roll to itself!

When all 4 rolls are stapled to themselves, staple them to each other, and a circle forms.

Toilet Roll Craft Flower


Once your flowers are made it is time to decorate!


Recycled Flowers

Once all decorations are complete and the paint has dried, it’s time to make a stem.

The easiest way is to push a stick into one of the holes, as far up as it will go – reaching the centre of the flower, and then glue or stick – or both, the stick onto the inside of the toilet roll.

Flowers are complete!

All you need to do now is arrange them in a vase or bottle!

We had our spring flowers displayed in our hallway for a week and then we tied them together and gave them to Granny for her birthday, homemade gifts are the best!

Looking for more spring time flower ideas – CLICK HERE!

Spring Time Blooms - this is an easy craft made from cardboard tubes! They make such wonderful gifts.

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