Stick Man – Julia Donaldson – Crafts and Activities

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Stick Man - Crafts and Activities

If you like us are a Julia Donaldson fan – and especially a fan of her books that have been illustrated by Axel Scheffler, then this book is for you!

Stick Man

‘I’m Stick Man, Stick Man, Stick Man… that’s me…’

This poor stick man accidentally ends up being a variety of things – a dogs stick, swans nest, pooh stick, and other ‘make it up’ objects that sticks are generally used for… and all he really wants to do is get back home to the Family Tree.

This is a great story that is perfect for any time – but especially Christmas as Stick Man’s “claim to fame” is helping the ‘stuck man’ out the chimney – and we all know who that is!!

We love this story, the happy ending is a testimony to all good things that happen on Christmas Eve! Definitely worth buying!

You can buy the book here in paperback or hardcover.


When looking for activities and art and craft ideas I have tried to find things that are related to the actual book, such as making stick men, actual stick man patterns and art ideas etc.

We made these Stick Men the other day!! Very Cute idea!! Click here for details…


Stick man is thought of – much to his horror – as anything but a Stick Man – what stick ideas do you have?

What do you use sticks for?

…Here are some great stick ideas!!

Stick Man Craft and Story Telling Ideas


Stick People Community – the whole family!!! // Danya Banya

Recycled Stick Man Craft – using cardboard tubes – this guy is cute! // Lalymom

Stick Men – Make your own Stick Men complete with googly eyes // Red Ted Art

Stick Man Art, recreate the book cover beautifully // Treading on Lego

Crotchet Stick Man with this free pattern // Charlotte J Blakey on Ravelry

Stick Man Story Sack – fun for retelling the story  // Play and Learn Every Day

Foil Made Mad, stick man sculpture // Tiny Minds at Play

Felt Stick Man, an easy tutorial // The Gingerbread House

Leaf People that have stick bodies of course! // This Little Project

Stick Man Sun Catcher // Rainy Day Mum

Stick Man Activity Ideas // Science Sparks

Make your own Stick Man from recycling // Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

Rescue Stick Man sensory play // Little Pine Learners

Stick Man family // Mini Mad Things

Free Stick Man Pattern // Lucy Kate Crochet

Stick Family // Craftulate

Stick and Activity Ideas


I have also tried to find extension ideas that could be linked to sticks…


Fancy Stick Crown, absolutely adorable headgear inspired by nature // Mama Miss

Painting Sticks – process art for children, and lots of fun // Emma Owl

Weave with Nature – using sticks as the basis for a loom and nature as the filler // Child in Harmony

Fall Stick Process Art, makes beautiful home decor // Emma Owl

Homemade Wind Chimes made from painted sticks // Happy Hooligans

Rainbow Stick Painting – use sticks instead of brushes // Toddler Approved

Stick Maths, grouping and counting with sticks // Learn with Play at Home

Outdoor Shape Activity with Sticks // Creative Star Learning Company

Painted Stick Instrument – just add bells // TwoDaloo

These stick and string sculptures were so much fun to make! I loved the process of stringing things together, with no end destination in mind – just a beautiful piece of art!

Good Luck with your Stick Man projects! We would love to see how you get on!

You are always welcome to post your photos to our Facebook Wall – we would love to see them!

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