Stick Man Play Dough

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The Stick Man is one of our favorite stories! If you like us are a Julia Donaldson fan – and especially a fan of her books that have been illustrated by Axel Scheffler then this book is for you!

It really is a wonderful book about a Stick Man who lives with his Lady Love and their children 3 – in the family tree! One day he is carried off by a dog wanting to play fetch – and things go from bad to worse, until he manages to help out the ‘big guy’ in a red suit who got stuck in the chimney!

Here is an earlier post with lots of Stick Man Crafts and Ideas – take a look!

After a walk in the park today I made a batch of our favorite play dough and then together with the sticks we had collected we set about making our own Stick Men!

Combining Books and Crafts is a wonderful idea! I love the way art brings a story to life and the story brings so much more meaning to the craft! Have a look at our Christmas Book + Craft Series for 30 more wonderful ideas!


I added a few buttons and googly eyes to the mix and we had everything we needed!

Using the Play Dough as glue made a wonderful collection of Stick Men!

Each with their own personality I might add!!



Natural Art and Craft ideas are always a winner and using materials that you have found yourself during a walk to the park or nature walk through the woods always seems to make the activity extra special!

Children love using ‘things’ they have found, and using materials like stick and stones and leaves to create art is extra extraordinary – and therefore super exciting!

A few Stick Man Play Dough tips:

  • Take some time to set up the table – with everything you need in front of you.
  • Show your children how play dough can work as glue (or a body) that can hold sticks – and buttons and eyes.
  • If you collect smaller items like seeds and little stones you could use these instead of buttons and googly eyes!
  • Let them create whatever they want!! The creations they come up with are extremely cute!!
  • If you leave them out and let the play dough dry your stick men may last a little longer!

Looking for more Art and Craft Materials with natural materials?

This idea is part of our Christmas Book + Craft Series, over 30 wonderful bloggers are coming together to create a collection of Children’s Christmas Book inspired Art and Craft!

Here are some of todays favorites:





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