Straw Blown Autumn Trees

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Making straw blown Autumn trees definitely adds a new spin on leaf crafts!

We had so much fun making these – the kids absolutely LOVED using these new techniques and the results were really impressive!

I would absolutely recommend doing this during the ‘red and yellow’ months!

What do you need to make awesome Straw Blown Autumn Trees?

Paint – we used Kids Poster Paint


Paper or Cardboard

Lungs full of air! 🙂

Paintbrush or dropper

Dish Soap

Once you have all you need you are ready to get working!!!


Start with the stem and branches!!



Using your brown paint start at the bottom.

You can make the entire tree using a straw, or you can paint on the tree trunk and blow out the branches.

With a dropper or paintbrush add a drop of paint to your paper at the starting point of your trunk or branch.

Using a straw blow the branch in the direction you would like to see it go!



  • The thinner the straw the better the air stream. Larger – smoothie – straws are not as efficient.
  • Your paint needs to be thin. If you are using paint that is too thick add a little water. The paint needs to be thin and runny!

Once your tree trunk and branches are complete give them a few moments to dry – or let them dry overnight.

You can now mix your bright autumn leaf colors!

We made autumn leaves by blowing bubbles into a glass!!!

This is AWESOME – you know the thing you are not allowed to do in a restaurant!!!!!!


I used fairly large glasses – you can use a bowl like we did here when we made our hydrangeas.

Add paint and a tiny squirt of dishwashing liquid.

If your paint is thick, thin it down with some water, it needs to be a little runny.

Then blow air into each color – one at a time.

When the bubbles come up over the top of the glass, place your paper very carefully onto the bubbles and make a print!



You can make as many variations as there are trees outside!


Making autumn trees are one of our favorite activities… like these we made with our feet!

As the leaves fall try and catch some – press them flat and then make these wonderful leaf animals!

Looking for a leaf that lasts all year round? These air dry clay leaf bowls are fun to create and really do make great Christmas gifts!!

Autumn would not be the same without wonderful Fall scented play dough! Here are our 4 favorite recipes!


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