Summer Gratitude Tree with free printables

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summer gratitude tree with free printable templates and decorations

This gratitude tree is a wonderful idea, especially as we navigate through these uncertain times of Covid-19 it is especially important to remember everything we are thankful for!

We have started a tradition in our family. Each night before dinner we go around the table and mention one thing that we are thankful for! It started when our kids’ Aunt sent them a gratitude tree in the post.

The summer gratitude tree idea:

First, create your own tree. I have included a few decorations – summer-themed – that are of course completely optional, like a pot plant and a birdhouse, rainbow, and some flowers.

Each day you write something you are thankful for on a leaf and stick it onto the tree. We added a leaf each dinner time.

In no time at all, you will have a tree full of leaves that make you smile and remember all those wonderful things that make you happy!

Full instruction video at the end!

Here is the link to the printable templates

I have included:

  • 3 tree options – in different colors
  • Summer decorations
  • Leaves. An outline – to print onto green paper and a set of green leaves in case you only have white. You can, of course, color your own leaves in or make your own leaves.

Materials List:

Sunshine always makes us happy, it was one of our first leaves!!

Additionally our grandparents and cats got a mention!!

I did try an explain that the big things matter and the children really did have a think about that… the PlayStation was also mentioned!!

summer gratitude tree with free printables

Trees come back into our art and crafts all the time! Here are some other wonderful tree ideas for you to try out!

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