Tape Resist Trees – Winter Art

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This tape resist tree winter art for children is such a beautiful idea! I

It is seriously easy to set up and to create! Children LOVE the magic affect of removing tape to find trees and the result is beautiful little pieces of art!


Tape resist trees materials;

  • Cardstock or very thick paper
  • Masking tape – light sticking, make sure you don’t get the heavy duty stuff here – needs to be easy to tear and take off!
  • Paints – we used blue and white and green and yellow
  • Optional – Salt snowflakes and glue to stick it on


How do you make your very own winter tree art?

Onto your cardstock you want to start sticking your masking tape trees.

We were able to tear and cut the masking tape into exactly the right size.

First start with the tree stem and then make branches.



Once your trees are complete it’s time to get painting!

We tried to keep with the colors of winter and forest!

You can just go ahead and cover your page with color!



Once the you are completely done painting and the entire page is covered with paint – even in the corners… you can go ahead and peel off the masking tape.



We added a little course salt – to make additional snow!

In the light it twinkles!



The kids enjoyed the process of removing the tape the most – it is like magic!

We have used a resist technique before – we made a table cloth, with flour and water... this looks so easy… and it is…



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