The Magic Box. A perfect Earth Day Project!

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Magic Box - Earth day celebration-01


The Magic Box, perfect way to celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd April!


In our house, in the utilities cupboard, we have a “magic box.”

This magic box gets really hungry, and it’s tummy needs to be fed. It gets so hungry that sometimes we hear it’s tummy rumbling!!

It’s diet consists of all the things we would normally throw away, but have now decided to keep for art and craft materials, gift wrapping ideas, storage solutions, play activities and much much more!

We learnt 2 things about our magic box that is important to keep in mind.

1. You’ll be amazed at how many different things you can make and build and play with, just by using your household junk…

2. This is a big surprise to Mom, we feed it every day, and it’s tummy gets fill very fast! Despite the fact that I have always tried to be contentious about recycling and about purchasing low plastic/paper alternatives, in a household of 4 we generate a ton of garbage, more than I would ever have guessed!

So what does our magic box eat?

Toilet rolls, glass jars, bottle tops, cereal boxes, in fact any box that’s still in tact! Dad contributes to the supply of food by feeding beer bottle tops, and Mom likes to feed the magic box Champagne corks!

It also eats empty plastic anything – fabric softener bottles, it especially likes the ones with handles! Juice bottles, veggie and meat trays, yoghurt cups, margarine tubs and packaging!

For dessert it eats polystyrene trays, egg cartons and lids! It loves lids!

What’s important to remember when creating a magic box?

1. Find a permanent spot to put it, out of the way, so it does not become a junk pile in the corner of the room.

2. Wash and clean everything before you feed it. There is nothing worse than a fish paste smelling box in the utilities cupboard.

3. Keep those things you are going to use and that are still in tact. Broken squashed boxes for example can be used for art projects, but invariably just sit there taking up space. Rather select those items that you are sure you will use and that still have value, otherwise you just create a pile of junk!

4. Use it! Create and play and build and learn!


Here is a flower idea, that was made from the contents of our magic box! Create flowers from toilet rolls


We also used newspaper to make gift wrap (ours was for Valentines day – but you can make it for any occasion!) Make your own gift wrap using potato stamps and newspaper

Here is (How to make the perfect potato stamp)

Valentines wrapping paper-01


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