Tissue Paper Watercolor Heart Art

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Did you know you can make a tissue paper watercolor painting that is as good as painting with watercolor paints?

It looks a little different – definitely more texture, it is so easy to do and really does produce a spectacular result!

We created a heart for a Valentine’s Day card.

Tissue Paper Watercolor Heart

Tissue paper watercolor supplies

You’re going to need the following items to make your own painting:

Thick paper or cardstock. We created a heart and sent it as a Valentine, therefore we used thick paper that was folded over into a card.

Tissue paper. We used 3 colors, red, dark and light pink.

A spray bottle – filled with water. Ideally with a fine mist.

A permanent marker to draw your heart. If you are going to make a dark outline like we did, it needs to be with a permanent marker. A regular felt pen will run as soon as you add water.

How to make your own beautiful watercolor heart.

Onto your paper draw a heart freehand or from a template.

Tear strips of tissue paper and lie them onto the top of the heart. You could create patterns or add them a little randomly like we did.

Tissue Paper Watercolor Heart

Once all your tissue paper is in place it is time for the magic to happen!

With a spray bottle, wet all the tissue paper well.

Give it a few minutes to seep in and stain the paper.

We used a fair amount of newspaper underneath. This helps to absorb excess water.

Remove all the tissue paper. Take care not to stain your own fingers!

Beautiful eh?

Here are some other ideas I think you will enjoy:

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