Today we played with texture!

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Such an easy to set up sensory play activity for children!

It makes use of things you have in the store cupboard that i out of date, cheap, will never use…

Once we had finished exploring all the textures and bits and bobs, finished pouring, scooping and assembling, we stuck it all onto a big piece of card!

Process Art and Sensory Play in One!

Store Cupboard Sensory Play - with texture

This is a great throw together activity for a rainy day!

Emma has a new “kitchen” so I was inspired to give her some ‘easy vacuum up’ food to cook! I also thought it would be a great idea to have her touch and feel the different textures.


I filled a cup cake tray with dried lentils, pasta, rice, wheat and rolled oats.

Emma sat on her chair for at least 20 minutes feeling all the different things, munching on the dried pasta – much to my horror and her amusement, and slowly she started mixing the food together and filling up all the trays and ‘kitchen equipment’ I had set out for her!!


……and then, for whatever reason she wanted to stick!

So we stuck!

All the intended meals I was looking forward to ‘eating’ were ultimately stuck to a piece of paper and became art!


Of course, this is the prized art that needs to hang on the fridge – and drops a lentil or 2 every time you open the door!! She had fun, and I was satisfied that we were developing those fine motor skills every time we picked up a tiny grain of rice!

We play with textures often – play doughs our goto sensory play! If you would like to create this activity with the addition of play dough here is our ‘cooking with play dough’ activity.

Additionally the best play dough recipe in the world can be found here…

We used silicone trays for this activity – however, any muffin tray would do perfectly!

Kids Activity made simple - easy to set up and so much fun to play with! Can be used as a craft project too!!
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