Toddler Art: Exploring Circles Painting

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Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple, and this toddler art idea is no exception!!

When making art with toddlers I like to keep the activity – or stimuli – simple – or focused, so that they can appreciate one thing rather than get mixed up in too much of everything!

This is simple because:

  1. Only circle objects are used
  2. Three colors only (complementing autumn colors.) If this is the first time you are paining with your child only one color is necessary – here is a VERY good post from Rhythms of Play explaining the benefits of a one color process…
  3. Involves one action from the child – printing

Toddler Art - exploring circles


Dylan loves painting!

He loves the activity – he enjoys paint on his hands – squishing around – he enjoys the process and he loves looking at ‘his’ creations for days afterwards…

Not all toddlers are art and craft inclined – so don’t worry if yours is NOT interested!!

If you do have an art enthusiast however, this is a great – simple – activity to set up, and enjoy…


Exploring Circles with a toddler

I collected round objects from around the house and our magic box.

This included corks – jar lids – sewing spools – washing soap tops – baby food caps…

I then squirted some paint – 3 colors – onto a plastic box lid…

Toddler Art Activity - Exploring Circles

And we got painting – or stamping…




We have also painted with round tp rolls in the past – also very successful!!

Toddler Art activity that focuses on circles. Exploring shapes is fun and full of learning!

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