Toddler Fine Motor Play: Pom Pom Bins

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Toddler Activities that require fine motor practice do not always keep the little one entertained – because let’s be honest – they are not always fun!

I know on a few occasions I have set something up and within a few minutes … we are bored!!….

The correct balance comes when you integrate fine motor ‘something’ practice with imaginative thinking and possibly even a few sensory items – just for EXTRA FUN!!

At this age I try and limit task orientated things – I don’t like 18 month old children feeling like specific achievement is necessary.

Pom Pom Bins for Toddler Fine Motor Play

That is why we made pom pom soup!

We actually did not plan on soup creation – but obviously because of the soup spoon and the pan we soon started ‘cook cook cooking!’

Pom pom sensory Bins

I set up two pom pom bins full of brightly colored pom poms and a selection of items to hold and use.

I tried to vary the ‘collection objects’ – wood and metal – round and square – hard and soft – tall and flat.

I only added two tools to pick up the pom poms with. A wooden tweezer and a kids kitchen soup ladle.

A soup label you have to tip completely different to a normal spoon if you want to pom poms to fall out!

pom pom soup pretend play for kids

After all was set up I called Mr Dylan and we played.

He smiled as soon as he saw the colored pom poms in the bins!

Job done!

Pom pom bins. Great Toddler fine motor activity

He looked a little and felt the pom poms in the plastic bins with his hands, and then very quickly he started taking them out – into his soup pot with the ladle… and the cooking began.

He liked the baking sheet too – and he spent over 30 minutes passing the pom poms between the items and bins.

great little kids idea for fine motor play - pom pom bin

This was a VERY successful activity. One I highly recommend – for fine motor practice – imaginative play  – AND FUN!

Here is a link to buy some Assorted Pom Poms

Pick up some pom poms and before you turn them into beautiful pom pom and wooden peg caterpillars – use them for this!

Pom Pom Fine Motor Play for Toddler and Preschool. Perfect integration of learning - imaginative play - and FUN !

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