Valentine’s Day Love Bugs – made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

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These Valentine’s Day love bugs turned out so well, one of those ideas when the result is even better than you pictured it!

Recycled crafts are a great way to have fun, whilst using up some of the unwanted plastic in your home. It is also a great way to teach children about recycling, and about how much single-use plastic a household actually accumulates.

The brief:

We were asked for a school craft project to make an animal – real or imaginary – using at least one piece of plastic from the recycling. Emma wanted to make love bugs, and so the project began.

We collected three empty plastic bottles, a water bottle, a cleaning product bottle, and a dishwashing liquid bottle. All three have very different shapes!

Plastic and paint do not go well together, so we decided to give them all a layer of newspaper before we painted them. This created a wonderful effect and really did make the difference.

Valentine's Day Love Bugs

Valentine’s Day Love Bugs – Supplies;

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Plastic bottles. A good idea to have a look around and find bottles with interesting shapes.

Materials to make Valentine's Day Love Bugs

Cardboard or thick paper – to make the wings

Tape to stick the wings on. In principle you can also do this with glue.

Glue and Scissors. We used a glue gun to add all the parts to our bugs. For the newspaper, we used regular kids glue.

Paints. We used acrylic paint for this, but any good kids paint or project paint will do!

Googly eyes – or your own choice of eyes. The bigger the better.

Things to make feelers. We used paper straws and pipe cleaners with pom poms on the top.

Decorations for the wings and body. We used paper straws, buttons, strings, pom poms, and pipe cleaners.

How to make your own Love Bug

Making your own Valentine’s Day Love Bug is super easy and lots of fun!

Start with the wings. Cut heart-shaped wings out of cardboard or thick paper and tape them to the back of the plastic bottle.

Next, cover the entire bottle – including the wings and the lid with a layer of newspaper.

This is done like a paper mâché project. One layer at a time.

We created two layers. This gives the wings strength!

Once the newspaper is dry you can move onto the next step. We left ours overnight.

Choose the colors you want to paint your Valentine’s Day Love Bug and get painting!

We chose a single color for the wings and another for the bodies. You can paint your Love Bugs as you wish!

Once the paint is dry it is time to add eyes, feelers and any other bits and pieces you like!

We added big google eyes, buttons, paper straws, pom poms, pipe cleaners and string.

Love bugs are imaginary creatures so they can look exactly as you dream!

Valentine's Day Love Bugs
Valentine's Day Love Bugs - easy kids craft idea made with recycled plastic

Cute hey!!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day and any other time you need a little extra love!

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Egg carton turtles – the cutest little sea animals around.

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