Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops – An Easy & Fun Treat

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These Valentine’s Day Oreo pops are just amazing because they are so easy to make and are just yummy!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for anything chocolate!

Valentine's Day Oreo Pops - An Easy & Fun Treat

We have made these awesome and easy marshmallow treats before too! Also involves a little dipping!

Supplies to make Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops:

Valentine's Day Oreo Pops

Oreos. We got chocolate Oreos, but you can choose!

White chocolate. You could substitute the chocolate for frosting

Valentine’s sprinkles

Wooden skewers. Something like these will work a treat!

How to make your own Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops:

First step is to push the wooden skewer into the Oreo. Push it in as far as you can without it breaking!

Melt your chocolate or get your frosting ready…

Dip or cover your Oreo with chocolate or frosting. You can cover the entire biscuit or you can add chocolate or frosting to one side like we did.

Time to Decorate! Sprinkle on your hearts and other Valentine’s Day themed decorations before the chocolate hardens

Ready to eat!

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Here are some more Valentine’s Day Oreo ideas:

I love looking around Instagram and Facebook for inspiration, so often there are so many good ideas I can’t decide! Here are a few favorites!

To start with, these LOVE BUGs are adorable from Sarah’s Bake Studio

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops from Happiness is Homemade

How cute are these Teddy Bears? from Foodeliciousness

Chocolate covered Oreos with conversation hearts from About a Mom

You are my Valentine from Mad in Crafts

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

We have a PINTEREST board dedicated to Valentine’s Day! You can follow that here…

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