Valentine’s Day Sponge Printing

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This is a VERY simple, yet incredibly fun Valentine’s Day – or learning about Hearts – inspired activity!

All you need is a sponge, some card or paper and paint.

Heart Shaped Printing


I used red card and white paint – because it is Valentine’s…

The sponge I found in my kitchen cupboard. This is a (new) kitchen scourer – you can buy like a zillion of them for a very little…

I cut out a heart. First I drew it onto the sponge and then used sharp scissors to cut it out. Worked a treat!


Sponge Printing. Childs Play this valentines Day


And then we dipped it into paint and off we went!


Sponge Heart Stamping


You can do this for fun…

You could also use the finished artwork for gift wrap or a card…

However you use it, we hope you enjoy it!

Process Art for Children made easy with this simple - yet wonderful - Valentines Day Heart Printing Craft Activity




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